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Measures coronavirus

Update 20 July 2021

Please read the measures below carefully in preparation for your visit.

  • It is allowed to go to the consultation room with a maximum of one owner for the treatment or examination of your animal.
  • You may take a seat in the designated chair in the consultation room. 
  • If it is not possible to keep 1.5 meters away, for example because you come closer to your animal, we might ask you to wear a mouth mask. So just in case, always bring a mask to the clinic.
  • To limit the risk of contamination as much as possible, we use a maximum of two owners per pet in the waiting room. 

The following basic rules continue to apply:

  • Having a cold, (persistent)coughing, a sore throat or a fever? We would like you to have your pet accompanied by another person.
  • Please disinfect your hands when entering our clinic. You can use our disinfecting sprays (alcohol) at the entrance.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other waiting pet owners in the waiting room.
  • We prefer payment by card. We will email you the receipt.